"Jazztalk" Remix by Wehkah
chris medleigh - jazztalk - wehkah remix by wehkah

A remix of “Jazztalk” by wehkah, which has a great jazz / hip hop tip.

More from the artist…

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"The Park" by Marc Reeves

A cover of “The Park”, originally by Feist. This has a lovely folk-pop and singer/songwriter vibe to it, with a lovely “human” use of Eco. More:

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"Restoration" by Music Invention

Restoration by Music invention

An intriguing track combing BFD Eco and melodica. Enjoy!

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"Jazzy Tune" by Vinnie Cenzo

An interesting track with loose jazz stylings, good free use of Eco on this one.

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"Mark Twang" by Wehkah

wehkah - mark twang by wehkah

A nice mix of genres in this chilled hop-hop vibe from wehkah

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Inside-Out Music by Daniel Kruglov

Inside-out music (for Bang-On competition of BFD) by danielkruglov

We love this entry from Israel, great use of drums and a really intriguing mix of influences and genres here!

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BFD Eco Blog Demo by Seattle Underground

BFD Eco Blog Demo 2 by Seattle Underground

A great hendrix vibe to this funky rock tune, produced by Ashley from Seattle Underground, based in the UK. Ashley gets an extra prize for posting 2 bits of media, here is his video describing how he used BFD Eco on this track:

Here’s more text from Ashley himself, with more info:

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"3d" by Roedy

3d by Roedy

Nice rock vibes on this poignant song from Roedy, a performer, teacher, and recording engineer from Midlothian in the US.

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"Better Days" by Wayne Gidden

Better Days (BFD Drums) by waynegidden

This guy has one of the sweetest soul voices we’ve heard, a great track with tasteful drums and production to boot.

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"LeberwurstDiaries" by Mully

Another entry from Mully, involving some canine action - this is not mandatory for the competition btw!

"Fun With Eco" by Peter Gone Sonic


A nice demo of BFD Eco in action, we will always look more favourably on such nicely edited videos! Good mix of instruments here too.

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"A Right 2 B Wrong" by Neil Thomas

A Right 2 B Wrong by noisyneil

A work in progress song by artist and producer Neil Thomas, which in addition to using BFD Eco very effectively, also uses Strobe from DCAM synth squad. There’s a lot of detail on the soundcloud page, here’s some highlights:

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Rob Mullarkey: BFD Eco Demo

A lovely slice of 80s synth pie mixed in with an intricate BFD Eco groove. So who can tell us the time signature here?! More from the man himself…

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"BFD Crash Bang" by Locksmith

BFD Crash Bang by Locksmith Drum & Bass

This one is a tasty groove from Drum & Bass producer Locksmith.

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Big Furry Dog’s English Chainsaw Opera

Big Furry Dog’s English Chainsaw Opera by DannyValentine

An intriguingly quirky dub track from songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Danny Valentine. Nice one, prize on its way!

In his words:

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